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Past Newsletters

Here are a few samples!

September 2022: Medicare HMOs

May 2022: Medicare Premiums and Retirement Accounts

April 2022: Contacting Social Security (in person) and Medicare

February 2022: Problems at Social Security

January 2022: New address and COLA issues

late Sept. 2021: Link for Federal health benefits open season

September 2021: COLAs and upcoming open season

August 2021: COLAs, Open Season for Health Plans, new number

June 2021: Retiring in January, 2022?

September 2020: The Death Of Social Security?

July 2020: Hired and fired

March 2020: TSPs and annuities, oh my!

February (Special) 2019: Raises for federal employees

January 2019: News, not predictions

December 2018: The budget and end of year

November 2018: Lame ducks and the budget, open enrollment

October 2018: COLAs, raises, funding

September 2018: Social Security and FERS- what about retirees?

August 2018: Federal employees and retirees update

July 2018: More bad news for Civil Service and Social Security benefits

May 2018 Supplemental: Attracting better federal employees by paying less and cutting benefits

May 2018: Medicare and FERS

March 2018: The budget

February 2018: Reagan Redux?

January 2018: Proposed Changes for Federal Employees

December 2017: Retirement and Medicare

October 2017: Budget updates and open season

September 2017: COLAs for 2018

August 2017: Congress on Recess

July 2017 Special Bulletin: Early out on short notice!

July 2017: More Bad News for Feds

June 2017: Bad News for Feds

May 2017: Privatize Social Security?

April 2017: Federal Layoffs?

March 2017: Medicare and federal employee pension and retirement proposals.

February 2017: Proposals to lower retirement benefits for Federal employees

January 2017: Lame Duck Congress and the President-Elect

December 2016: End of the Year

October 2016 Special: Cost of Living Increases

October 2016: Open Season!

September 2016: Federal Employees and Retirees Updates

August 2016: Update on Congressional (in)action

July 2016: Windfall provisions and TSP vs. 401K

June 2016: Changes to Social Security and incentives for federal employees to retire

May 2016: Updates and notes

April 2016: Updates and notes

March 2016: Updates and notes

February 2016: The end of file and suspend

January 2016: Medicare Premiums

December 2015: Health Insurance Plans

November 2015: Bipartisan Budget Act

Supplemental: COLA for Social Security and Medicare 2016

October 2015: Medicare and Federal Employees/Retirees Open Season for 2016

September 2015: More about survivor benefits and Medicare and Federal Employees Open Season for 2016

August 2015: Survivor benefits and TSP moving to mutual funds

July 2015: File and suspend strategies

June 2015: You can suspend benefits!

May 2015: Spousal vs. own benefits; Budget proposals and their effects on Federal retirees

April 2015: Is Social Security sound? Are changes coming?

March 2015: disability vs. retirement checks and CSRS issues

February 2015: disability benefits and postponing retirement and rumors of raises for federal employees

January 2015: "insider secrets" seminars and military benefit credits

December 2014: Health plans, retirement credits, and long-term care

October 2014 (Special): TSPs vs. IRAs

October 2014: Open Enrollment for Medicare

September 2014: When to start benefits; open enrollment; and TSPs vs. IRAs

August 2014: 2015 COLA

July 2014 (Special): Addressing the Rumors of Changes to Federal Employees' Benefits

July 2014: Disability Benefits

June 2014: Spousal Social Security Benefits

May 2014: When to start collecting Social Security

April 2014: Medicare Advantage Plans, Federal Employee Health Benefits, and Social Security 2015 and Beyond

March 2014: Federal Employee and Social Security Speculations

February 2014: The new COLA and Social Security

January 2014: Social Security and Medicare Updates

August 2010: FERS (Federal Employee Retirement System)

June 2010:  Social Security Topics

November 2009: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

October 2009: TriCare Health Benefits


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