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It's YOUR retirement. Educate yourself.


Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

Attendees will learn the intricacies of planning a successful retirement, including budgeting for retirement, disability for survivors, and how Social Security works for CSRS employees. This in-depth course will enable employees to make an informed decision (which may be not to retire). It is presented in a style that makes the information easy and relevant for the employee, regardless of their prior conceptions about retirement. Applicable for employees <10 years from retirement.

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

Our instructor has been lecturing about FERS benefits since the rules were finalized in 1983, and has been involved in TSP instruction since its inception. This course includes an attorney-led session focused on estate planning. Applicable for new hires and employees <5 years from retirement.




These combined courses ensure that no program employee is uninformed. The CSRS retirement and survivor benefits session is run concurrently with estate planning advisory session for the FERS employees. When the class is united, emphasis is given to the differences in Social Security and TSP programs for both. Applicable to all employees.



Thrift Savings Plan & Social Security

Our instructor has a 43-year background in Social Security. We present in a style that makes the information easy and relevant for the employee regardless of their prior conceptions about retirement. We help participants identify and plan for mandatory retirement dates (personnel including law enforcement, fire fighters, MRTs, Foreign Service Officers, etc.). Applicable to new employees, those in their mid-career, and employees who counsel personnel on SSA and TSP matters.



CSRS-FERS for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel

For Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel, this course is uniquely tailored to emphasis the differences that exist. We separate the two programs for retirement training by having the other system learn about estate planning with an attorney who's background includes 11 years of lecturing to Federal Employees and their unique situations. Our primary instructor has a 14-year background in lecturing this group of employees. Applicable for employees <10 years from retirement, counseling HRO personnel, and all Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel.



Courses Available in Closed Session Only

Air Traffic Controllers (CSRS-FERS): Careful explanation of mandatory retirement for ATCs, including the unique options for health insurance, Social Security and disability benefits.

Continuing Education for Financial Planners: Licensed in California to give 2 hours of continuing education credits on Social Security and Medicare for Certified Financial Planners. (In other states, we can investigate getting a license for groups of 30 or more.)

Early Benefits Counseling (EBC): Applicable to new hires and mid-career employees, plus added benefit to Air Traffic Controllers, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, and Military Reserve Technicians.

Military Reserve Technicians (CSRS-FERS): Expert definition of mandatory retirement rules for MRTs and the intricacies of Federal Employee Health Benefits in conjunction with TriCare and Medicare.

Open Enrollment Season (Insurance): During open enrollment periods, we explain the changes for the current year, as well as applicable and appropriate choices for health insurance benefits, vision and dental benefits, and the flexible spending account. (Call for a quote.)


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